In the context of major works, Andromède Océanologie transplants protected species such as marine phanerogams and different types of sea fan and coral.
For Posidonia (Posidonia oceanica), Andromède Océanologie carried out the 3 last main transplant and replanting projects in France and Monaco.

  1. Transplant of 500m2 of Posidonia in Monaco
  2. Re-planting of Posidonia in a trench excavated in a meadow following a navigation accident
  3. REPIC project to restore the Posidonia meadow in the Crouton cove in Antibes

Concerning the Monaco project, the method developed by Andromède (SAFEBENT) consists in taking 0.8m² clumps 60cm thick from the meadow using a modified Optimal 600 transplanting machine adapted for marine use.

The main advantages of this method:

  • fast work (about 20 m² per day)
  • protection of the meadow structure (mat and bundles)
  • protection of the sediments around the root systems

500m2 of meadow were transplanted in 24 days with a survival rate of T+2years >70%.

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