ARC sequence and compensatory measures

The French 8 August 2016 Act for the reconquest of biodiversity, nature and landscapes strengthens the duty to compensate the residual impacts of projects and defines a new framework: the “Avoid – Reduce – Compensate” sequence.

The ARC sequence is hierarchic. Firstly, the impacts of a development project must be avoided as much as possible, then reduced, and finally compensated.

The current ecological equivalence calculations are still raising scientific and technical questions as to the concepts and knowledge to use and the assessment methods to develop and implement. This activity is all the more experimental in the marine sector where no methods have been genuinely validated.

Despite its limits, the ecological equivalence calculation is an opportunity that makes it possible to have a rational view of compensation measures by including calculated surface area data and information on the ecosystemic services rendered by habitats.

Andromède Océanologie proposes a simple and operational calculation based on the American UMAM method (Uniform Mitigation Assessment Method, Florida administrative code) as well as a complete set of measures adapted to marine projects.

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