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Philosophy / Values

Andromede Oceanology is actively involved in sustainable development and has laid out its priority objectives in the respect:


Andromede aims to be at the cutting edge of expertise in and enhancement of the marine environment.

To achieve this we invest in high-performance equipment and develop our own exploration methods (micro-mapping of habitats by acoustic telemetry, fish counts using the electronic recycler, mobile multibeam bathymetry unit, etc.).

In-house team training covers the broad range of tasks involved in a project from data-gathering at sea to the final results report, thereby limiting recourse to subcontractors and preventing depletion of responsibility.

Respect for the environment

By its very nature, Andromede’s work aims at protecting the environment but Andromede strives even further to lessen its ecological footprint by:

  • working in a building with low power consumption
  • offsetting its carbon emissions by setting up a compensation fund financed by a portion of its profit and voluntary contributions by clients.

Economic sustainability

  • Andromede is entirely independent of any public organisation, financial or industrial group.
  • Andromede’s shareholders work for the company: it is more important to sustain the business than to make short-term profit.


  • Service provision forms a large part of Andromede’s business but only accounts for half of its resources; many other projects are developed in-house.
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